The Vision

To build a comprehensive support system around natural product research
To develop products and solutions by integrating natural products research with traditional/modern concepts of nature and technology
To build a support system that will incorporate principles of comprehensiveness, common sense, technology, sustainability, dynamism and inclusiveness.

We aim to achieve this by:


Natural Products research has many potential applications but all ultimately need extraction, isolation and structure elucidation at some stage with varying degrees of scale & difficulty. Here Frerea is perfectly placed with its experience in handling a wide range of biomaterials and undertaking structure elucidation of complex small molecules. Frerea will contribute in your on-going research and help you bring out meaningful conclusions, something which most of the times not achieved.

Contractual work
and consultancy

We can work on the periphery of any industrial project for a time bound delivery of fully elucidated structures or extract/fractions. If needed we can provide consultancy on various aspects of natural product research

Fully flexible
‘Your idea-our product’ approach

We have many theories for health- traditional, modern, etc. but nothing beats the experience and yet there is always a scope for newer hypotheses. Biomaterials are the same and practically infinite and how many ways you combine them is also infinite. If you have an observation and want to test a hypothesis we can make trial products for you which can be tested on a small population as a ‘food supplement’ or’ nutraceutical’, ‘novel food’, etc.
For this purpose, we have back end tie ups with US-FDA /GMSP/ISO certified herbal products manufacturers with a proven record of manufacturing highly effective herbal food supplements for the general wellness as well as non-communicable ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney troubles, etc. at any scale you need, from lab to pilot to large scale manufacturing, from 10 L to 10000 L per day!!! The same hold true for other applications such as agriculture (pest control agents), veterinary, personal care, household use, etc. We have similar tie ups with manufacturers that make i) highly effective herbal agricultural and household products such as pest control agents, mosquito repellents, etc. iii) herbal cosmetics at any scale you need, from lab to pilot to large scale manufacturing!!! We are also building team to incorporate principles of internet of things (IOT) and artificial intelligence into our capabilities.

High quality yet cheap
natural product markers

In coming months Frerea is all set to enter into the business of natural product markers. Current market in India is dominated by expensive markers that often poorly define the biomaterial. A plant, for example, may have multiple benefits due to multiple compounds. IT will be our endeavour to identify activity-specific markers and to make them available to industry and academia at high quality and at cheaper rates.

And many more ways to come in near future…