The Philosophy

Life is a constant struggle against death. All the living beings have evolved strategies to survive effectively and to ensure sustenance of their particular species. What has evolved out of this-and very much evolving now-is our beautiful world and its constantly changing ecological landscape. Two of the most powerful strategies elaborated by living beings to achieve life are immunity and small molecule warfare (the ‘Natural Products’). Natural products are powerful tools that mediate conversation, that kill, that attract, that alert, that defend, etc. Out of this rises the beautiful, mesmerising and very complex parallel chemical world of nature.

Roughly 10% of the biodiversity is known to us out of which only 2% is studied from the point of view of Natural product. Peeping through this small window we are already breathless and at the same time immensely benefited. Natural products have strongly emerged as the effectors of the benefits observed in bio resources used in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other traditional medicinal systems from across the world. They are emerging as a new linguistic tool with a potential to comprehensively unify the apparently irreconcilable philosophies of traditional systems and modern medicine, something which is an urgent need of the hour. What will emerge from this can only be imagined!!!

But there is little time left for imagination. The world is changing at a faster ever rate and sadly we (including the collective wholes species) are unable to adapt & adopt that quickly. Social, physiological, psychological, physical attritions are increasing at an alarming rate. For us the humans, the creators of this situation, even as the burden of non-communicable diseases started to take its toll, the threat of communicable diseases have to raise its head once again in the form of Multiple drug resistant, extensively drug resistant pathogens. The problem is not limited to humans but other species are feeling the same. For example incidences of cancer are increasing among the killer whales.

What is needed is a stepped up research into this chemical world with the hope to positively influence and reverse the current scenario.
The benefits are many and so are the opportunities:

Improved understanding of ecology and interspecies dynamics revealing newer insights into the workings of the nature.

Development of improved policies for conservation and re-forestation.

Development of a common communication platform to understand and integrate modern scientific and ancient traditional concepts of healthy living and to provide guiding principles for future integrated research.

Development of clear guiding principles for healthy living through eating and for designing newer and newer biomaterial combinations to effectively tackle any future emerging threats.

Development of technology driven solutions and alternatives to current chemicals that don’t respect the mother earth’s recycling limitations.

Development of a deeper understanding of living beings at the molecular and systems level

Development of health and wellness products to tackle the rapidly spreading disease determinants

We at Frerea aim to explore the Natural Product World with the intense desire to address all of the above angles.